Frequently Asked Questions

  |   What should I expect if I use the CV-Perfect services?

We are sure that the services we provide will place you on the short list of candidates called to an interview. Which means that you will have the chance to take interviews with potential employers with a professional CV and with the necessary knowledge for a successful interview.

  |   Can I submit any other information to you, or only the information in my current CV?

Any additional information about you will help us build a stronger CV, with higher chances of success. During the discussion you will have with one of our specialists, you can provide any information you deem relevant for the CV.

  |   In what format will my CV be published in?

The completed CVs are submitted to you by email, usually in Word format, so that you can easily make any specific adjustments, according to each job you want to apply for, but it is possible that, in some cases, they will be delivered exclusively in PDF format. In this case, you can request an adjustment/ update of the CV by CV Perfect whenever any changes are required concerning the addition of a new job or of a new certification you have acquired in the meantime. You can request such changes 12-months from delivery of your initial CV. You will also receive a version in PDF format. According to the package you selected, you will also have an online version of your CV, which will allow you to send links or to introduce it in your email signature.

  |   How can CV Perfect help me?

Our specialists will make sure that your CV is impeccably written from the point of view of grammar, and they will make sure that each CV contains all the right key words that recruiters are looking for. We will write your CV in a fresh and modern style, which we know  HR professionals know and like. We will also highlight your most important achievements, your skills and aspirations, so that it becomes obvious how you will be adding value to the future employer’s business.

  |   Why should I resort to CV-Perfect for the writing of my CV?

YES. You’re good! But why is it then that you are not called to the interviews you want? Whether you are a graduate intending to start a career, a manager waiting to take the next leap forward, or someone who wants a radical change of career, this is probably the most critical time for a candidate to get a chance to present their qualities, achievements, and aspirations. Recruiters look at most CVs for no more than 30 seconds, which is why it is extremely important for them to find what they are looking for quickly! We maximize your potential, by putting together a relevant, persuasive, and attractive CV, which will highlight your achievements, qualities, skills, and aspirations, in a complete document that will get the recruiters to put your name on the short list of candidates invited to the interview.

  |   How long does it take?

The rewriting of a CV can take between 1 and 3 days, depending on the package you have selected and on your availability to provide the information needed by our specialists. Each CV is written or rewritten as a result of a comprehensive telephone conversation, in which we find out what we believe are the strong points that we will highlight in your CV.

  |   Are the CV-Perfect specialists experienced in the areas of activity I am targeting?

The CV-Perfect specialists are experienced in a wide range of areas, and their experience relies on many years of work in areas such as HR, recruitment, marketing, sales, operations with exposure to a multitude of industries in national or multinational companies. If you choose a consultancy service bundle, we will have a detailed talk about your skills and objectives, to help you find the best approach to the job you desire. Also, in the case of other services, we will put you in contact with one of our relevant specialists, so you can have a detailed discussion about their experiences.